Services Offered

Professional Dry Cleaning
Every garment we accept are treated for stains and washed by an expert dry cleaner who has more than 10 years of experience. Then, the garments are hand-pressed with utmost care.
Wet Cleaning
Water is the best solvent for washing clothes!
Wet cleaning is a safe method of washing “Dry Clean Only” clothes with water – rather than chemicals – along with special soaps and conditioners. It is a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning.
Shirts Laundry
Shirts are laundered, machine-pressed, and packaged for you. Please don’t forget to let us know if you would like your shirts packaged in a box!
Professional Alteration & Tailoring
We understand how important it is to have clothes that fit you. We have a professional tailor available to do any alteration & tailoring jobs, from sewing on buttons to altering clothes. We will help you to have clothes that fit you the best, so that you can look your best.
Leather, Suede, Fur Garments & UGG Boots
Leather, suede and animal skin garments require special care. We offer cleaning for these garments, including UGG boots.
Comforters, Table Clothes, Rugs & Other household items
Bring in any household items, such as comforters, table clothes, rugs, and draperies. We will clean and package them for you.
Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation
Free Pick-up & Delivery
Let us pick-up and deliver your garments to your preferred location, free of charge (on orders of $30 or more)!
Click here and fill out a form to schedule it.
Our other services include…
Summer / Winter Storage
Don’t have enough room in your closet?
We can store them for you, free of charge!
When you drop your clothes off for cleaning, let us know that you would like to have them stored. We will keep them for you until you want them back.
Shoe Repair
If you need your shoes repaired, drop it off at our cleaners and we will have it repaired for you.
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